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An Introduction by Nat

They say a picture says a thousand words... but so do a thousand words. 

Meet the club - in the eyes of Nat.

Iain (spoiler: his name is definitely not Rufio) has usually got a whole lot of shit to talk about.

I reckon he could spin a yarn here like no other. Use some big words, make you feel excited. Truly, Iain is the social media voice of Press Club so what he says goes. He'll probably chat about how the bass line and the rhythm interplay a ripping chordal measurement that can only be hear when played through a homemade bluetooth speaker under the drains in Moonee Ponds. 

A true Brunswick native, this guy stepped out into the midst of the west when the pandemic hit. It was a shock but when he spreads his wings, he really does spread his wings.

Peace 🦅⚡️

Frank. What can I say about Frank? The real question is what CAN'T I say about Frank. The true force that keeps us going not just as a band, but as real human beings. 

Nothing is off limits with Frank - especially when it comes to ripping up a shredding drum fill and playing at 452bpm for 80% of a set. Always up for a chat, or a laugh or ruining the back seat of the van with his IBS. But that's on me really, I shouldn't have put so much chilli in his eggs.

Greg. The master of the fucking PUNK JUMP. Have you seen his legs? They're as long as a giraffe so when he goes up, it looks like he's 8 feet off the ground.

Also quite sufficient at the recording side of things, Greg FINALLY moved to hood of West Brunswick so my life feels complete. He cooks a mean 7 minute boiled egg - I can't remember if he puts the cold egg into cold water or hot water but there is always a timer. Maybe one day he can share his wisdom with you all.

Self described as the Beyonce of punk, she's got hair flicks that could whip your eye out and and make you wish you didn't stand in the front row. 

Usually yelling, running or speaking in the third person, you'll often find her at the merch desk cause her one true motto (aside from 'always be ready for a run') is NEVER MISS A SALE even though she's never actually worked retail before!

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